my other girl

my other girl

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun in the snow?

What to do for New Year's Eve when you've never really had a tradition since after you started having kids. (the other two couples never had any, you didn't work, they did-pretty soon nothing in common, etc. etc.) It was totally fun while it lasted though. 
To avoid that pain this year we decided to go away for the weekend. Perfect since I had Monday off. Florida was discussed and dropped. Wisconsin Dells was discussed and dropped. Alexandria was also. Of course we settled on Duluth, duh! 
Sorry Amy Jo G. I'll read my FB messages better next time I swear! All prepared to go Friday night after work and can't get the family suite. Okay, no big, three days is probably long enough, know what I mean? Tell the lovely 14-year-old she can bring 3 friends. Who do we bring along? Our lovely 27-year-old niece. Oh the fun we had!! Really, this is not sarcasm.
The three lovelies in the lobby.
So, check in, Little Angie's for dinner (tons of leftovers), walk back to the hotel in the whatever it was doing outside! Naps, a movie, games by the pool where I see one of my preschool students and her family. Then I spot someone from my childhood and high school growing up when it's s'more time on the patio. When someone makes a remark about the "guy in the t-shirt out there in the snow" 
I just can't resist saying, "he's Canadian".  

Kevin and Jaim making schmoe's on New Year's Eve  

Did you know that a number with 15 zeros behind it is a quadrillion? There are many of that number of gallons of water in Lake Superior! That's lots, and somehow I had retained the knowledge that the average depth of said lake was 400 and some odd feet. Please don't ask, I don't know how I do it. 
Remember when your kids were little and you stayed at a hotel with a breakfast buffet? Let me remind you. People came to breakfast in their PJ's I swear it!! So New Year's Day off we go to the breakfast area in our bare feet and pajamas only to find not only are there people there (we thought they'd all be hungover and sleeping it off from the night before) these people are dressed for goodness sake!! Did we care? Not one little iota! Not even Jennafer in her feetie pajamas! Let them look, we did it again the next day too, only with socks on that time. 

Now, some advice if you are going on a little getaway with your S.O. of more than 25 years. 
    *If said S.O. says maybe you should bring a warmer jacket just in case, DO IT!!! Don't just not, just because he/she can't tell you what to do. It was really (insert expletive here) cold and windy on Sunday afternoon and Monday!
    *When you are going to go swimming outside in the winter in Duluth, be prepared for frozen hair!
    *When you are my age and you are making out in an elevator in a building that's only three sure when the elevator stops and you stop that you look at the floor might be on the wrong floor! Good thing the artwork was different, we might not have noticed.

Follow the link below but please click through the commercial
~Love in an Elevator ; )

Hey people-be nice to each other!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blah, blah, blah

Well, it's not so funny anymore. Enough with the heat (okay, it really is the humidity)! We have all had it I think; and really, August?! What the heck happened ? I mean, someone told me one time that the time goes faster when you get older but for gosh sakes I'm not that flippin' I? Here's the deal. I really think someone owes us one more month of summer. I can't even stand to see the commercials for my beloved State Fair on TV. Let's face it people, June sucked wind. September better rock! or someone is going to hear from me. Of course I have no idea who that someone is, but I will decide by then.

The pool is finally sparkling clean. YAY!! Too bad it's too hot to even be outside GRRRRR. On the upside, not having to heat it is really saving on the gas bill. :) The laugh at the dinner table last night was the lack of yard work that's been done. Kevin says it looks like no one lives here and we all said at once, 'except the pool looks great!' 

Poll of the day: Should people go to work and do their job? 
It's amazing what you find out sometimes. 

New place to stun your tastebuds (my apologies if you're not in the 'northern suburbs') You MUST try this place, and do it on a Wednesday if possible, it's double-punch day!
I won't lie to you, it's a little more expensive than your average sandwich shop, but it is sooooo worth it!! Four of us ate for under $30 last Friday, so it is doable. Please check it out!! You won't be disappointed, Promise!

Have to tell a Jaimie, can't take her through the checkout at Target without her giggling about orange Tic-Tacs! Let me know if you get that one.

Stay cool, and if your name is Sven Sundgaard, stay out of my way, that was a pretty big weather lie you told yesterday and if you're lying about lower humidity the next few days...pretty sure I outweigh you, pal! 
If you're old, mother-this is you, stay inside when that humidity goes back up!

Friday, July 22, 2011

funny, funnier, and funnier

Well maybe it's sleep deprivation or maybe it's the heat, but we are finding things around here supremely funny lately. Shopping at Target the other night, no dinner yet, almost 7:30, mom should eat way, WAY before that, right? So I say to Jaimie, 'are you like totally hungry'? and she starts laughing hysterically. Do you get the joke? Apparently she heard something I didn't say, because when she said it back to me she said it in a total 'Val voice'. (Now, I am a child of the 80's, but not that much). 
The same day (weird day), before we left there were boys in the backyard suddenly. Not too weird, they were Con's friends. They came to swim not knowing that the pool wasn't quite ready. Their response? 'That's okay, we're going to sweep it and then go swimming.' and they did. Also the same day, Jaim had the slow part of Adele's 'Rumor Has It' in her head...really?! thanks for sharing~I'm sure anyone who saw us at Target thought we were nuts.
I have just about had it with the stupid humidity! kids in the pool when I got home (just mine) so I thought, okay me too! By the time I'm going to, there are six more 17-year-old boys out there. Not going swimming now.
and we did find a set of keys at the bottom of the pool, kind of hard to drive home that way, eh?

But here's almost the funniest of the whole week. Last night Adam and Wes came to the door and didn't even ask if Con was home for about 5 minutes. When we told them he wasn't they hung out with us anyway! When they left I told Kevin we must be the coolest parents in the neighborhood. here's a Friday question for you and I need to have some feedback. What do you think of the concept of 'Dive-In Movie Night' ? Have to think of a way to get rid of the mosquitoes,  but we could swim, and eat and watch something on the big TV...Let me know your opinion.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Weird week...Since last Thursday I found out people are reading this thing here, and it's entertaining?! The most hilarious thing was that I got a comment from some CS guy at Comcast wondering if he could do anything for me. What do these people do? Sit around Googling Comcast to see what people are saying about them? Anyhow, what I told Mark he could do for me is to lower my bill! Then I told him he made the blog, so I hope he keeps reading. Hey Comcast Mark!          
YAY me! 

People get goofy when the full moon gets close, husbands that work too much get crabby, it's sad to watch your kids miss someone they love, and something else that is so cool, I could not believe it. 
Are you ready?

Do you hate to wish the summer away, but are you like me and can't wait for the State Fair? 

So tonight we found something to tide us over until August TAH  DAH!
I am not kidding when I say that these were the most delicious fries I have had in hmmmmm lets just say, almost a year, sorry Kev. When they tell you that a small feeds 1-2 people they ARE kidding unless you are not a mom and a 14-year-old girl. We barely made a dent! They were hot! They were peel on! They were salty, but not too much so! In short...potato perfection!! I cannot believe it took me so long to discover this place, and someone should open one on this side of 35W!!!! Oh and if you know me, pass the sour cream because that's the only way these are only going to be any better. 

BTW, I used to have a friend named Scott. He said talking to me was like (then he would make a very strong zig zag motion with his hand, like turning sharp corners) guess you had to be there  ; ) Anyhow, I hope you are enjoying this and if you are, please follow so I know you're out there. 

Know what else, the Twins beat the White Sox so there!
Have a good Thursday!!